I love cuisine of all types. On this page I’ll try to list all restaurants I have visited along with pictures and comments. As well as my favorite foods. I’m keen on Vegetarian dishes too.

I’m very open to trying new things, as shown by my love of frogs legs.
Snails aren’t bad too 😉

I’ll try to vary it up by visiting restaurants of all types.
Next on my list to visit will be Le Bistrot at the Institut Francais!

Please send recommendations to my contact page, also send foods I should try.

Just a few cuisines I’m keen on: Indian, Jamaican, Chinese, Belgian & French

Chez Léon 1893

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Date of Visit: Everytime I go to Brussels!

Review & Comments:
From Meatballs to Moules & Frites, I just totally love Belgian food. Chez Léon is an amazing restaurant and it’s somewhere I go to everytime I return to Brussels.

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