WordPress World Spam Day!

Well, It seems as though world spam day has started already. Both mixedmatt.com and pastillesnetwoorks.com blogs were overridden with spam. It’s great when you come home from college only to find 50 (Yes, 50!) emails all from the same spam robot that has targeted the blog.

I am starting to think about writing about the hardships of being a blogwriter, admin, lasy-bum, webhost owner 🙂

Don’t believe it? Look below!

Spam, Spam, Spamity, Spam

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3 thoughts on “WordPress World Spam Day!

  1. mixedmatt

    Hehe 🙂

    It took me ages to even see your comment through all this spam!

    I have got my API key for the wordpress akismet plugin so hopefully that should keep them at bay. Can’t stand having all these emails sent to moderate comments which are spam 🙁

    You can laugh. I bet you will have the same problem soon 😛

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