Owners of (some) other webhosts can be annoying…

So I’ve had the owner of another webhost (Who’s webhost happens to be less then a week old 😛 ) That our Reseller plan prices are too high. This host happens seems to be a huge overseller… a fly by night host.

Here comes my rant… 😉

What has this industry come to?? I expect stupid childish behavior from some clients but not other webhosts. This isn’t the first time I have been approached by other webhosts telling us whats wrong with ourselves. This is really childish. To rub it in this person said this a few times before

When I told him nobody is asking him to purchase these plans. He told me he was just “telling the truth”. He was being polite and used offensive language.

Is this what the industry has come to? Childish insults and aggressive comments?

Who are the people that run these hosts?? It’s a real shame they find the need to behave this way 🙁

3 thoughts on “Owners of (some) other webhosts can be annoying…

  1. This is very ridiculous. People from other web hosting companies should worry more about how they can improve on making their company better than the other ones rather than going and talking to Matt and telling him his business sucks. What really makes me mad is that Pastilles Networks is very great, but this so called “web host owner” seems to think he knows it all. I am very sorry to hear that this happened to you Matt.

  2. hamesy

    It’s really sad to see web hosts telling other web hosts how to run things. Pastilles Networks is awesome with excellent customer service, hence the reason why I use them. This other web host owner needs to get a life.

  3. It’s funny. Why does a other webhost need to “help out” other webhosts.. It just seems not very logical to me. A webhost who is too busy minding other webhosts its business cant be a good one. I ve been with some webhost who are indeed cheaper. I ve experienced HUGE downtimes. NO service. And ended up paying a monthly fee for somethng that is rarely online. I am some kind of reseller for Pastilles today, and its fair to say, Pastilles is one of a kind. A REAL webhost, that others who spend too much time commenting others, can learn a lot from!

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