Banks, Banks, Banks!!

Okay, Here’s the story. I signed up for a student overdraft at abbey (soon to be santander as its part of the santander group). I signed up received my overdraft things went smoothly. I used the majority of it as most students do. Just last week I receive a letter from abbey stating they want the £1000 paid back by 1st September 2009 or interest will be added. Apparently it’s written in their four pages of terms that they can ask for it back at any time. Basically it was in the small print.. I hate small print.

So, My overdraft has expired, I owe them £1000 and I’m p***ed off.

I woke up today with the additional headache of having several databases go corrupt for what appeared no reason whatsoever 🙁

At least I have some new clients and a nice amount of work to keep me happy for the day. Tomorrow I’m off to my second job for a night shift. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Back on the banks topic abbey seem to have lost any leniency too. I have had my account since I was one (my nan opened it for me) and since the take over by santander I find it near impossible to reason with them. It might be down to the group’s greed. Anyway I will pay off my overdraft and close all my accounts with them. It’s not just me who’s had this problem which is a relief in many ways.

Others feel the same…



With this bank taking over bradford and bingley and a few others I suggest anywhere you see the logo to stay away.

I have been thinking about opening a new account with barclays but I’m not sure. If anyone can recommend a good bank please suggest one below.

At the time of writing this blog I was talking to a very a special girl who helped me keep calm. Thank you! 🙂

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