Feeling more positive

Truth is I have become disillusioned with my degree. I’m not going to pin this down on certain difficult lecturers but rather myself. I chose a motorsport degree because I done a bit of karting and loved watching it on tv.

However I’ve lost interest and feel like I should be chasing something else… I probably should have seen this coming ages ago. I look a what I know I can do and seem to have a passion for and I see the web, servers, databases, COMPUTING! Maybe I’m just having a phase.

Computers not working!
(Maybe I should focus on a career in the IT/technology field)

I know how to work with php to some extent (I got a lot more to learn and I’m working on it) I can work with MSSQL and MYSQL. I feel like I should something related to what I can do. There is a lot to this but I been feeling down over my university choices.

In other news… I’m still focusing my efforts on getting Ferrari Fans on top. At the moment I am in talks with some designers over a new theme. I hope that buy July 2010 we will have something revolutionary online. Something more then what we have now which is effectively just a forum.

It’s also great to see Michael Schumacher in F1 overalls in the vicinity of a F1 car again! Welcome back Michael and Fernando Alonso has given his first interview as a Ferrari F1 driver.

At the time of writing this I was listening to: Wyclef Jean feat Mary J Blige – 911

Till next time… love ya all 🙂

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