What you get from McDonalds Enfield Retail Park

Click for a larger image! - Yummy.

Hope you like my cheesy eyelash! Mhmmm 🙂

Nearly made me sick 🙁

Fancied a cheeseburger for lunch cos they are so addictive! Anyone who knows Enfield knows this retail park is pure evil. Krispy Kreme is opposite McDonalds note this was the first Krispy Kreme in Europe! I call it fat park. Half way through eating my burger and boom I noticed there was a eyelash on my wrapper in the cheese. I’ve heard of McDonalds famous garnishes but never this. Almost made me chunder.

I prefer burger king anyway. Better tasting… A shame there is so few of them. Hope I haven’t put you all off.

First post using the wordpress app for my iPhone!

Woohoo 😀

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