What makes you happy? How do you measure success?

Not posted in a bit had a lot to do. Had my third uni assignment to do. It was terrible in my eyes, rushed and unstructured. I didn’t understand a lot of what I was supposed to do!!

Then my car needed a MOT and tax. Then I needed to submit company accounts (submitted two days late do I got a penalty notice). Ah, feel so stressed and peeved out right about now. This isn’t even to mention a friendship with a best friend broke down over the past week ๐Ÿ™

Trying to put that behind me and just focus on studying. In a bit behind again and just trying to be happy.

Anyway I’ve diverted from the topic of my blog post. It was more about something I heard on question time this week, and from Piers Morgans interview with Jason Donovan that got me thinking. How do others measure success??

Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Jason Donavan

I know some people will think entirely from a cash sense here! I don’t think greed is a good answer for such a question. I have a friend who is well off, and may consider the fact that her next generation (children) will not need to work or the next. Is this success for you? Is this what makes you happy? Worryingly it seems most people in this country would agree.

I’m not saying it’s greedy to want loads of money, by some means that’s fine, but that’s what’s trashing our country. Ask any young person what they want to do in life. You won’t often hear help people out in blah blah, or become a blah blah. Increasingly you here it become money related. As if money is the key to success. Maybe this culture has been imposed on use little people by the big bankers?

I’ve always wondered where this stems from. Greed has taken over this country from the top down. Bankers who need that extra ยฃ1,000 bonus to the people out on the streets last August helping themselves to goodies ๐Ÿ™‚

Still the core question goes unanswered. What is success? For someone it could be doing a cleaning role in that hotel. Which their family classes them as a failure for doing. Success is something very much measured by the individual. Sometimes it gets clouded up.

For this who are wondering what I was referring two in the two TV programmes. In question time a young “entrepreneur” mentioned the higher rate of tax and that it might/will make him consider learning a new language and taking business abroad. Another gentleman right after explained to him that it says more about then our tax system. To which he got a clap from the audience. Who’s in the right there? The young person who wants to pay less tax so he gets to keep even more of his money? Well, if our greedy politicians can do it why can’t the general population? Examples need to be set for society to follow again.

Regarding Jason Donovan, he mentioned after his drug abuse the new outlook he had on life. How does one measure success? He felt he had it all until his drug abuse. He mentioned for some it’s surviving cancer, making it through the day, getting their chosen job, or making that next single number one. Interesting points.

I’ve wrote quite a lot here but I believe I have a new outlook on success. I don’t take it is seriously as I do now and just seek for happiness. My success would be getting my degree if I ever get there ๐Ÿ˜›

If its difficult to read its because I’ve wrote this from my iPhone WordPress app. Sorry!

On that note I love you readers and please use the comments box for thoughts. I know theres a few lurkers out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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