My learning journal will be here

Categorising and valuing migrants

I really need to stay focused. I’m falling behind in terms of my studying so I’ve decided to make my blog my journal. I intended it to be that way anyway… Just not been updating it!

So far my first module with the open university is going as expected. I’m going to start my sixth TMA soon. Time has flown by. My assignments are going well apart from the last but at least I passed.

I’ve been studying migration and making national identities this week. I’ve always thought migration and immigration was clear cut. I never really thought of benefits to the economy that increased migration brings. However since studying these two weeks it really has opened my mind and made me think differently and understand things 🙂

I really need to get on with doing the online activities and selecting what question to answer for TMA 6. I can’t believe I’ve almost finished the module to be honest. More updates to come 🙂

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