The Blogpost without a title!

I actually can’t think of a subject line for this post. So, I’ll start writing without one.

I’ve posted at The AdminZone. Seeking general wizards for!!
People that can provide developmental input pre launch and take on a moderator/contributor role after launch. The thing that’s unique about TechMouse is it’s not being run commercially. Well not in the old “Cut someone’s throat” to make a bit of cash sense. I wasn’t advocating murder by the way (although it’s at that stage already in some countries I think! ) πŸ™‚

It’s pretty much going to be what it says on the tin. Other users helping others out. Increasing community and outsider knowledge.

Of course that means financially where does the money come from to support such a organisation. This is where the members can suggest ways to people behind the scenes. Donations are one way but these are difficult times and some people aren’t comfortable with them. TechMouse also seeks to be kept advert free. So this only leaves one option partnerships and community suggestion. As there are no big bosses at TechMouse, The users will be the decision makers there are other ways to go that haven’t been brought to the table yet. Due to the lack of a community at the moment of course! But I’m posting around many places at the moment.

Moving away from finances. I’m drafting up a organisation plan. I have one big idea. I don’t know if it will even work but I know it’s never been attempted!! It could be just what those laid off due to the recession would need especially those in IT.

I know who will be designing the final logo I think. I’ve seen his work and it’s pretty good. As I said before this one looks a bit too yucky. My photoshop skills are no good!

Wow, this looks like a essay and is probably really boring to read. Heh, I should hop off considering the time.

I want to quickly mention The MonkeyPC. We are working on a spruce up of the design (Yes, yes it’s not been long since the first) but this design aims to fix the problems that weren’t right with the current. Most notably content appearing not to stand out and the client area being messy and unstyled. I can say what we have now is a improvement but still not quite there. I’ll post more on that some other time.

BTW, I’ve found a title for the post!!


A day to be happy about in many ways…

Today, I finally pre-ordered F12010 for xbox 360 from for Β£31.85 (including free delivery) quite a deal I must say. I couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

The MonkeyPC has a few new clients on board and our business bank account has been finally set up.

A tweet really hit me today and made me remember life is about more then just money. This lady is amazing. I’ve always thought of doing humanitarian work at some point and her tweet really inspire me to go ahead and just do it. It’s late so I can’t make this as long as I want to unfortunately πŸ™

I will make a post on here that’s a bit more meaty soon! I promise πŸ™‚

Danicar, If your reading this. I think it’s pretty amazing what you do and I’ve read your post. I’m happy because someone like you has reminded me that some things are more important then others. You are a inspiration to many.

Peace & Goodnight

Wow what a eventful month!

This month has been really busy for me. With a unfortunate and worrying illness in the family and even more progress with my business.

I have a business advisor and been to many seminars back in London about starting up and I have a real roadmap for these 3 weeks. To finish market research, finalise my business plan and submit to banks. The main priorities after then will be structuring and sorting the premises with the council. The website really needs tweaking because it wasn’t really structured to handle a store online and offline! In reality it was created before any plans were firm and this was a mistake. One that won’t be made again. I’m drawing up a website plan too.

Work has become somewhat ridiculous but I will speak about that when I become detached from that company (then I can’t be fired) πŸ™‚

Must get to sleep now… got work tomorrow again. Not long left till I leave Oxford for a bit.

Btw, If you live, study or work in Oxford please fill out this quick questionnaire for me. It will help me with my market research and you will be entitled to a money off voucher when we launch.

Peace! πŸ™‚

Me & The MonkeyPC

I can’t think of what to write about really. I will be blogging about The MonkeyPC later on in this week or month. I have lot of exciting things planned regarding that and have had some feedback which has come in handy.

I’m still working hard at Sainsburys in Oxford. I only have a few weeks left until I leave.

Other then that not much has changed personally. However, on the business side things are almost ready. The draft business plan is complete. The financials are a little weak and need a second going over.

There is still a lot to do but progress is coming on.

Lovin’ the weather hope it stays sunny.. stay tuned for more updates πŸ™‚

Apple Elf renamed to The MonkeyPC

A lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post here (I will go into that in another post) but the topic of this post is the new webhost I am committed to starting.

Apple Elf has plans laid out as far back as 2007. However after several setbacks we haven’t been able to launch. These range from disappearing designers to financial issues. Recently I decided to ditch the Apple Elf name, for The MonkeyPC. Along with it comes changes in plans. The website coding itself is coming along very well. Unfortunately, we didn’t hit Monday 12th April as our opening date.

Speaking of services I have decided to add several more that I have thought may be useful. There is still so much more work to do that a launch date cannot be properly given. Development is continuing.

Personally I am fine. Just been really busy these few months and I intend to explain all that soon πŸ™‚

Apple Elf Update

Another update on the progress of Apple Elf.


In regards to launch. Somewhere around the end of August we expect our services to be available to the public. We will only open up when we are 100% ready and everything works as it should. Speaking of the design we expect to have the designer starting in just over a weeks time as scheduled. A lot of things are planned including a logo update. The current logo was more of a prototype when I thought of the initial idea. Now it’s almost all together we are just awaiting on the design front and a few software licensing considerations.

Service wise we plan to launch a service that will be discounted to our clients and available at full rate to people who don’t have our hosting. It’s a monthly charge and we hope our clients will find it useful. I really would love to spill the beans on this as I think it’s amazing! πŸ™‚

Apple Elf has been designed to make owning your own piece of the web easier. Through using powerful web tools we can help you achieve this goal and hopefully you will be impressed with the results.

My next update will be the design preview and a few other bits and pieces.

If you want to be emailed when we launch send a email to admin[at]appleelf[dot]com