On this page I try to list all restaurants I have visited, along with pictures and comments including my favourite dishes on menus.

I love cuisines of all types and I am very open to trying new things, as shown by my love of frogs legs. Snails aren’t bad too 😉

I try to vary it up by visiting restaurants of all types, whilst trying to avoid the numerous chain restaurants.

Just a few cuisines I love: Indian, Italian, Japanese, Jamaican, Chinese, Belgian & French

Please send recommendations to my contact page, also be sure to send foods I should try.

Lulu’s Kitchen

Date of first visit: 14th June 2020
Cuisine: Caribbean
Location: Stroud Green Road, London
Rating: 3.5/5

Chez Léon 1893

Date of Visit: Everytime I go to Brussels!
Rating: 5/5

Review & Comments:
From Meatballs to Moules & Frites, I just totally love Belgian food. Chez Léon is an amazing restaurant and it’s somewhere I go to everytime I return to Brussels.

The Green Man

Date of visit: 01/11/2020
Cuisine: British
Location: Topplesfield, Essex
Rating: 5/5

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