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Here you will get the pleasure of reading all my latest grumbles. There is always something that just irks me somewhere. So, I will vent it all here! No kids here as some stuff may just get a bit too naughty.

I have rated and dated them all for you’re reading pleasure πŸ˜‰

People that drive like competitive idiots on the roads
Let me just cut in front of you
Grumble Rating: 5/5 (Again a five for danger!)

Time I wrote another entry here. Lots I should have filled in here since my last entry!

I don’t know why but it seems to happen at the same place on the same stretch of road. Me in the central lane of a three lane dual carriageway. I knew I had to leave a large space in front as I could see a car in front speeding up slowly and slowing down. It whipped in and out of a lane then shot into mine. No indication and leaving a nothing between us.

Anyway seeing the driver in his mirror all he could do was barely raise his hand (i don’t know what for) and smile.

Why do people have such attitudes on roads such as this? Unfortunately it’s usually the same people living up to poor stereotypes too πŸ™

People on buses
Date of event: 13/5/2011
Grumble Rating: 3/5

Not everyone on buses are total planks but this woman ranks right up there. Last week Friday I had been standing up on the bus longer then most people, including the lady that in this scenario gets to freeeking sit down first 😑

Anyway another lady was getting off the bus and decided to block the gangway so the other lady (probably from her country or something they both looked to be) could pull in front and snatch the seat from me. Even though she had just got on the bus! I shouldn’t be surprised as this is just London life. Just standard London Sh*te. Love the buses everyone.

People that don’t look behind them when reversing!
You’ll wack something or someone one day
Any day in a Tesco or Sainsburys (or insert your favourite supermarket/shopping area here) car park.
Grumble Rating: 5/5 (Totally a five for danger!)

Ever been in a car park and see someone reversing without looking in their mirrors? It happens a lot and I’ve had the unfortunate experience of almost being hit by a driver who just wasn’t concentrating. She was reversing out of a bay and didn’t even realise my mums car was behind her. Almost had to blow the horn to alert her. This is one of the most dangerous bad habits picked up by people. They don’t have any view of blind spots or anything.

One of the worst instances of this happening was quite recent. A woman in a space cruiser simply pulled up and adjusted her mirror, then just used her interior mirror to back into the space. This would be a straight fail in any driving exam. Looking through a mirror provides limited viewing of behind. If a child was to come from behind its likely anyone would hit it. Ah the stupidity. Remember peeps please, please reverse while looking over your shoulder for full view and stay safe πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Grumble Corner

  1. Peoples driving drives me crazy. When a driver doesn’t use a turn signal, that really annoys me.

    I love seeing/hearing the terminology other English-speaking people use to describe various things. Using the word bay for a “parking spot” (as we Americans would call it. We’re so inventive…) seems very descriptive yet strange.

    Kudos on your blog’s theme!

  2. It drives me crazy too. Literally every time. I’m in a car I moan about somebodies driving (I’m really not a moany kinda guy!).

    Haha, A lot of our words are like that. I need to add to this actually. I haven’t kept this up. I got some good and what I think are humorous additions πŸ™‚

    Thanks on the blog theme. Going to read your blog actually. Don’t know much about windows 8 πŸ˜‰

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