2013 Resolutions or Targets

I don’t normally do resolutions or targets for each year (maybe I did the year before, can’t remember, hah) but this year I kind of have. Feeling I need to somehow. By the way I did mean to post this sooner. Just didn’t get round to finishing it… Anyway…

I’ve thought a lot and there are small things.

1.) Work more efficiently. I tend to be lazy sometimes. I can achieve so much more when I work efficiently to save time so I don’t end up a lazy bum.

2.) Don’t dwell on things. If you get overtaken in life (applies to Motorsport too of course). Keep a positive mental attitude and you’ll soon regain that place back.

3.) Focus on important things. This could almost be the same as No.2 but it’s a little different.

4.) Be grateful for what you have. Sounds obvious but I sometimes am not and I see others like it too.

5.) Concentrate on enjoying and finishing my degree.I need to enjoy engaging with my degree pathway more. This means enjoying the modules I cover and the journey my degree takes me on. Meeting new people and learning French (again!)

6.) Chill, Relax and Enjoy life. Remember life is what I make it and fortune favours the brave. Most importantly, Since our time on this planet is pretty short I aim to have fun and enjoy my life. Not at the detriment of others of course!

If I stick to these. I’ll be even more brilliant and amazing then I already am 🙂

Right now I have a huge craving for fast food sooo a good KFC combo meal with beans would go down nicely! If you wanna donate to my lil fast food fund. Comment below 😉