Received materials for my next module

Philosophy Material for Module A222

Not posted in a while. Sorry 🙁

I received my materials last week for A222 Exploring Philosophy (pictured) and DD203 Power, etc which I did put on hold until I finish A222 but the materials still came anyway. I need to contact the uni about that.

I purchased a iPad mostly for studying the second module. It’s been a bit cumbersome with all these books so I’m hoping I can unlock the power of the iPad to help me.

On a side note. If any one has recommendations for good applications please can you suggest some to me? Also I have a problem with iTunes not converting any film at all. Is this how it always behaves its such a pain in the neck.

Anyway staying on course. I’m excited to started A222 but nervous about finishing DD101. I’m planning the last assignment and it’s a little tricky. It’s about legitimising the state and democracy.

It all seems real. I’m starting another level 2 module again for the first time in a long time and I can’t wait. The Open University has shown me what real university education should be like so far. Well we pay enough for it. Traditional universities are far too complacent I believe.

If anyone can give me some assistance with the iPad and how to convert files. From both torrents and other means please post below. Thank you 😉