Beautiful weather = Lazy mixedmatt

Nice sunny day!

I just got my marks for my second assignment today. Very good. Same as the first!!However it was much tougher then the first. I needed to put together an essay plan and structure. As well as select he most appropriate parts of what I had studied, to answer the essay question. I will dissect it and look at my tutors comments later on. Even more detailed comments this time and praise!

Today has been such a nice day again! 😀

I’m kind of saving for another Clio. Really looking for a 04 or 05 when I have the cash. I hate taking buses and travelling around slowly. I will do my research this time.

I’ve been having a tricky time of late and no doubt will have a even trickier one next month but one person has helped me through things a little. Shes even tried to help me gain confidence to talk to the person I like (even if I’m still to shy to do anything face to face ). Really strange thing is despite the fact she went to my university we haven’t met yet. Hopefully we will soon 🙂

Nobody gave me music in my last post. I know I have a reader base out there even if it is small! Give me some good music!! My iPod really needs updating.

On a separate note I can’t express how much I hate how iTunes handles all my iPhone music. Having no drag and drop is nonsense and I don’t want to sync to a playlist either!