To buy or not to buy?

My ipod earphones are on the way out. One of the earphones are blown out and the wire is exposed in certain areas.


As you can see I can actually repair it. Well the damage to the exposed wire by using some insulation tape. Of which I have none here at university. Or I can just go out and buy the new apple in ear headphones with remote and mic that I have been mulling over.

Take a look here. The specification is impressive. There are lots of rave reviews out there.


Only problem is that they are £54. However they provide superior quality over the originals. Looking back at the financial aspect again. I’m a student that’s in a big student overdraft which is meant to also last for semester two. I have some birthday money that covers it. What do I do? treat myself? Go further into the hole? Or something else? 🙂

Hmmm…. decisions!