Here, Here, Here!

IPod is here and so am I!

Well, I’m still around. Trying to make a bit of cash before uni as I have nothing saved up and will rely on parents. Will need to ask my manager nicely for more shifts before I leave. On another note I really want to leave work soon. It’s become hectic and a drag, I am not enjoying it. Counting down the weeks/days. No doubt I will regret leaving so early for a bit but I am sure I will get over that.

Of course there will be things I miss from work.

Pictures of heap loads of washing up removed for the time being ๐Ÿ™‚

University wise. I got access to my PIP (Personal Information Portal) recently and joined the student union. I still need to wait for my results and then I will apply for accommodation.

Soooooo still lots for me to do this summer. I haven’t been karting yet. I need to ring up and let friends know.

All my savings for any holiday have gone into university.. it’s not like I had saved much anyway.

At the time of posting this I was listening to Rob Thomas – Lonely No More.

I will be back soon…… ๐Ÿ™‚