PPE: Just the beginning

Preparing to study book received from the OU

I’m beginning my PPE degree at the Open University with my first module an introduction to the social sciences soon. I’ve begun to slowly unlock resources on site and an estimated date of despatch for my printed materials is in December. I’ve also bought a book (Social Sciences: the big issues) and begun reading that to get used to the content I will come across.

I’ve received some preparation materials already. A book called “preparing for study” from the open university and a audio cd contained within. I’ve listened to the cd and glanced at the material. I’m going to digest it more thoroughly soon as it contains very useful study tips. Some I’ve never run across. What was more impressive was that the book seemed written especially for DD101, my course!

So the tips are tailored to my course it would seem.

I’ve read the first chapter of the social sciences book by Kath Woodward which was just introducing me to what the social sciences are all about really, and explains what the rest of the chapters in the book will be discussing.

I’m about to start the first real chapter about identity. I will report back in more detail when I read this chapter and my open university book 🙂