Whats happening?

Well, I’ve been concentrating on my online projects a lot over the past few weeks. In particular Ferrari Fans and Apple Elf. Ferrari Fans needs a push start and I have been frantically been trying to get bits ready to launch Apple Elf. Progress is being made.

The current logo looks like this


I am back now and will be updating this more frequently. Oh and my parents decided to buy a kitten and name him Smokey. He’s cute but it’s tough to do anything with him around.



At the time of writing this post I was listening to nothing! It’s currently 2:49am.

Pastilles Networks – Preview and Update!

It’s been ages since I last posted. I have been working very hard lately. I only have a few weeks left before I return to college. Not too sure how I feel about that πŸ˜›

Here are the things that have been worked on and will be worked on over the remainder of the summer holiday. Some things haven’t been released here but will be soon! They are super secret! πŸ™‚


Upgrade to cPanel/WHM 11. This was done early last month. All clients were notified.

Pastilles Cash system
up and running.

In progress –

Clientexec Integration with the rest of the site. This is going to be done shortly and should be ready in the next few weeks.

Support Forum Integration this should be ready in the next few weeks too. I just have to find someone who can work with MyBB to perform the integration.

We will soon be doing domain registration. We had this scheduled for completion last year! However we now are certain this is the right time to get this done now.

Affiliate program this is currently being evaluated. We are in the progress of deciding if this is worthwhile or not.

So, What does everyone think? I am really excited about it all and can’t wait till it’s completed. I promise all clients of Pastilles Networks things will only get better!

More coming soon! πŸ™‚

Spring into sumer sale extended to 10th June!!

Pastilles Networks – is offering huge discounts as part of our spring into summer sale.

The coupon code you must enter on sign-up is FREEWEB90FM

But hurry only 34 are available and they expire on the 10th June! This entitles you to 90% off the first month!

Founded in 2005 we are committed to providing ALL our clients with the finest quality service and reliability. On top of that we are a host that still has good manners! Thank you and Pleases go a long way and are uncommon in this fast paced day and age. We will do anything and everything in our power to please you.

Standard Hosting Plans

GoldSpangle Plan

2000MB/2GB Disk Space
10000MB/10GB Transfer
All cPanel features
Β£4.99 – $9.91 P/M
Order securely

RedSpangle Plan

1000MB/1GB Disk Space
5000MB/5GB Transfer
All cPanel features
Β£3.99 – $7.92 P/M
Order Securely

GreenSpangle Plan

500MB Disk Space
2000MB/2GB Transfer
All cPanel features
Β£2.99 – $5.94 P/M
Order securely

Key Features:

Site studio builder – Add-on $3.77/Β£2.00
Phone Support (Request from customer service)
Helpdesk Support
Forum Support
Quick activation

Become a client and start referring your friends today for money off your hosting bill!

For more information comment below! To sign up just hit order on our more info page πŸ˜‰

Late Payments or none at all!

I am slowly losing patience with late payers πŸ™

Unfortunately what seemed to be a problem now seems to be a epidemic. With people not wanting to pay or claiming it’s too expensive.

I am almost at the end of my tether with late payers.

I know sometimes it can’t be avoided.

I will cool down before I go any further and update my blog when we get some positives on this issue πŸ˜›

Business Cards

They have arrived!

Not sure if I like them yet. The quality is a bit poor. Never expected that from vistaprint. At least I know to go somewhere else when I want the next batch.

Will upload a screenshot of a card later πŸ˜‰

Great week ends…

Well, This week was great for us all at Pastilles Networks. The rolling out of our spring into summer sale really got clients out there coming to us.

So with all that going on this has been a record breaking week for us. We are very happy and proud. Jake has been working hard on the clan hosting discounts (soon to be put up on site!)

I am looking forward to see what the future holds for us πŸ™‚