Probably one reason why I don’t like football…

A fight during a match between Bradford and Crawley

The players attitudes. The on the pitch spitting, swearing, constantly arguing with the referee. That’s not even including the frequent fights/personal injury caused them on the field. It’s called the beautiful game but every time I watch a game I see something that makes me sick.

It’s not just limited to players. The fans too sometimes have similar attitudes (I am trying hard not to generalise in this post!). Probably following the acceptable behaviour of their favourite player on the field.

Granted not every fan or player is like this but the those that are really show the sport in a bad light.

Some of them just aren’t worth their money. To behave in such a way is unacceptable. Obviously passions run high and a moment of madness can be tolerated from time to time but it’s just so frequent in footy 🙁

It’s not just me a quick google search will reveal similar thoughts too. I wonder why?