ECU problems leave mixedmatt carless…

All in the title really.

It drove fine the day before driving me to and from work. Then Sunday morning came and nada. Nothing engine was just turning over but no ignition it wouldn’t move off the drive. I had to get my mum to give me a lift to work. Next day I called out britannia rescue to get the car to the garage. Was horrible having to see my baby car on the back of a tow truck. Anyway, Next morning after my university tutorial my worst fears where confirmed. The ECU was not responding to anything. Common fault on Renault Clios of this age 🙁

I’m not 100% sure what I’m gonna do yet. Really hate taking buses to work and around. Have to leave so early to go anywhere and I’m addicted to a car now! Having taken the bus yesterday to work and having to leave so early it just gets me down. When I get a new car I would like it to be another Clio in Black. Just gonna make sure it’s a better one 😉

Better get back to writing my essay.

Oh by the way, Pleaseee can someone list some tunes in the comments below that I can stick on my iPod? I’ll love you forever. I got old crap on here and it’s really boring.