Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer


I saw this a few days ago and thought it was great. Sadly it’s only for PS3 (or the XBOX 360) and I’m not that interested in video games anymore and I don’t feel like paying £500 for the pleasure of playing it when it’s released. I don’t feel like paying for neither.

You can get the High definition torrent here. I recommend using ABC client to download the file.

I quite like the look of it but I am not as interested in gaming anymore (just flying, driving and Pastilles Networks 😛 )

As I said I am not interested in gaming much but when I do decide to purchase the PS3 it will only be because of the GTA series.

I will wait a long time before I purchase (Will await the price to go down and for problems to be ironed out). That’s also one reason why I won’t be purchasing windows vista for a year or two. Problems need to be ironed out and solved because I am sure there are problems that are widespread.

Needless to say it looks like it will be a hit! 🙂

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