Schooling…(UK terms but relevant elsewhere!)

I have always personally felt our UK schools are a bit bish bosh.

The system is more like come in do well.. Manufacture (erm.. Educate) some kids who will work hard and get a nice pension. Government or private. Our schools have little scope for movement. For example almost everyone at School would like their pupils to be doctors and lawyers because that’s perceived as being very successful.

Another thing, most schools they only teach you how to pass exams! What use is that? 😛

When it comes to doing something different… like entrepreneurship, there is very little help available. The whole school system needs a revamp. Subjects are repeated over year after year which becomes a bit er… repetitive 😛

*In mixedmatt’s world* Schools would have to do the compulsory three main subjects (English, Science and Maths) Then each year different subjects would be taught until year 9. Then the students have to choose for year 10. The range of subjects taught would be something like this ;-

– Politics
– Business
– Life subjects
– More sex education
– Respect and Manners lessons

They should also hire people in the IT departments that are smarter then the schoolkids and know how to secure networks properly.

2 thoughts on “Schooling…(UK terms but relevant elsewhere!)

  1. I’ve been meaning to write an article about the UK education system on my blog for a while now

    I agree, our public system is just IN -> LEARN HOW TO PASS EXAMS -> OUT. I’m in Further Education at the moment and that is slightly better but we need to tell people that doctors and lawyers are not what we all need to be. Plumbing courses, building, architect courses.

  2. I was going to write even more about this but the article would go on forever and be a tad boring.

    But yes, What you say is right. School teaches you how to pass exams then out. I’ve found higher education better (not sure how university will be) so far.

    Some people aren’t academic so… school and theory lessons may not be for everyone. If there were subjects more practically applied like practical science, maths etc maybe the country wouldn’t have a skills shortage.

    Would be good to see your thoughts on your blog 🙂

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