US has a new president


I didn’t see the inorgoration ceremony and frankly I wasn’t very interested in watching something as small as the swearing in of the new president. However after logging on so many people have been raving about the whole thing I feel like I need to say my piece 🙂

First the issues on race. The media constantly rabbles on about him being black (so do some citizens). As far as I know Obama is mixed race and has one black and one white parent. Therefore he is mixed race. I know the media and certain people don’t class mixed race people as a “race” or even worse try to dissolve mixed race people of their race. Often saying if the mum is black that makes said person black and vice versa. The world clearly won’t be changed by one president of one nation nor will it make one kicked aside race become equal as other races.

Seeing reaction from around the world just makes me wonder what the fuss is about? He obviously has a lot of power but at the end of the day it won’t be impacting my nation much what happens there. Unless we decide to follow them into a needless war again. I think too much may be expected of this one person by everyone. I understand this is a big thing for a nation with such a racist past and present.

Unfortunately for the new president Ayman al-Zawahiri has been babbling. Promising of more spilt American blood and airing his racist views.

Apart from those few niggles and a few more I forgot (probably due to my lack of sleep) 🙄

I wish the president best of luck he’s gotta lot to do 😛

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