Politics and SATS

What a unusual few days in the politics world. Unfortunately I couldn’t vote because I was registered back home in London and had to work in Oxford on Thursday 🙁

I didn’t even have a clue to vote and still don’t. I’m not sure if I’m going libertarian, pirate party, labour or liberal democrats. The only party I would hate to see in power is the conservatives. Now when have a hung parliament. It was interesting seeing what confusion the word hung brought as people tweeting from far corners of the globe thought parliament had been hung! Looks like we will now have another general election or conservatives and liberal democrats joining to form a coalition.

In the education world its good to finally see some schools abandoning the SATS papers. I always thought they were pointless for many years. The whole UK education system needs a reform and it should start by ditching SATS and replacing A-levels with the International Baccalaureate.

Will someone vote me in as PM please? 🙂

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