University, What a way to waste two years.

I’ve wanted to talk about it all for a while. So, Many people have asked me why I left and some people have even said I will be worse off. Time will tell but right now I’ve felt the best I ever have! I don’t think university was ever for me. However, I was excited when I started. I thought it’s a change and I expected so much. To be taught, the vessel they call a brain filled.. where I could get lots of hand on practical experience. Taught by lecturers who were passionate, loved their job and cared about the students.

The experience wasn’t all bad but one or two lecturers stood out as being poor. Reading from powerpoints and working from course-notes into workbooks wasn’t what I had in mind. Maybe I was a fool?! Paying over £3000+ in tuition fees though I expected better.

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