Frustration, Frustration and Frustration!

Don’t you just hate when you lose a computer file? (or anything for that matter)

I sat down with the intention of making some sort of progress with my old project Although it appears this won’t be fulfilled tonight. It appears I (in my infinite wisdom) accidentally deleted all .psds and plans of the organisation altogether somehow. Despite me thinking I had backed it up using google docs and my external hard drive 🙁

At least I still have the logo! Seeing as I can’t find the .psd I might design a better one tomorrow. I have increased my knowledge of photoshop since then. Of course that’s after I finish working with my clients. Everything feels so rushed 🙁

TechMouse Logo

PFFFFFT! I feel so frustrated. Dunno why I feel so fragile at the moment.

At least my MCDST (Microsoft Desktop Support Technician) book came today. Might just crack on with reading that. Hopefully I can crack through the course pretty quick. Really need this certification. It doesn’t seem too hard, got 60% without any study.

Off to bed now.. gonna have a read then snuggle up. Night readers!

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