PPE: Getting stuck in!

Book I'm reading at the moment!

The book I'm reading at the moment!

I’ve been reading both my purchased book (Social Sciences: the big issues by Kath Woodward) and the preparation material by the open university. My study materials are due to be posted on January 6th. Not long! I feel its so soon so got to press on!

I’m really feeling confident and ready to start. I’m not 100% ready but will be once I get my desk set-up and my PC built. I been working for ages to get enough money, so nearly there. It’s likely that I’ll not get it built until I start unfortunately but I have access to the home PC.

The next few weeks will just be about preparation really and making sure I’m ready to go. I want to finish all my preparation texts that I didn’t read over Christmas and new year.

I also recently bought a book called the good essay guide. I want to skim read this if I can because its been years since I wrote a essay 🙁

Hopefully my course materials are mailed tomorrow and I receive them not long after. I’m going into study mode now!

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