Everything goooood!

Not really said much about myself lately but everything is going good. Been real busy with work (Sainsbury’s) and some web projects. Speaking of web projects work has been underway at Ferrari Fans! Project Italia has been coming along nicely with a new design πŸ™‚

It’s only a concept at the moment. Feel free to give your thoughts and opinions. Suggestions are warmly welcomed and will be taken on board.

Notice how we are moving more to a “content” based homepage. We aim to have a few surprises thrown in too πŸ™‚

We have pretty much chosen to ditch vBulletin now. vBulletin 4 has been a major disappointment. In my opinion keeping vBulletin 4 so secretive was the first downfall then releasing something half baked after committing so many people who relied on it was a big mistake. Therefore all the staff have agreed within the community to move back to MyBB forum software. We need a reliable open solution and we believe MyBB is the right solution. As some of you may remember we ran MyBB back in 2008 so it’s more like coming home.

The content side will be run on Joomla a strong well known CMS. We want people to suggest what can be improved. We are in this community together. One improvement will benefit us all. If you can think of something you can reply on the blog or post a topic here.

Moving back to myself and home. I’m doing good. Currently watching the UK election updates.
I missed my opportunity to vote. Let’s hope the right people get into power πŸ™‚

Ferrari Fans Improvements

Some new staff members have come aboard. They are talented, fresh and eager to help us expand.

There are 3 main issues that need tackling. These are:

1.) One is lack of activity – No new members!

2.) Lack of direction – Managements fault.. = mine.

3.) A site overhaul – Upgrade to vb4 and finally go the full CMS site route. Make it more of a community. Design new graphics for most parts of the site.

We have a chance to actually push these three main areas and get them completed on time. Thanks to the talented staff we have on board. We hope to get the main issues cleaned up by our 3rd Anniversary.

If you love Ferrari’s and want to help out. Head over to ferrarifans.net register and private message matt!

Banking sorted… concentrating on the important things!

I’ve finally switched banks. Something I should have done years ago. Bye Abbey!

Now I have finally started concentrating on the important things and looking forward to beginning my second year at uni. This week I’ve done a far amount on Ferrari Fans but I still have not got round to writing some articles up which I plan to do shortly. I really want to get some more written up because I don’t feel it should just be superkimi writing them all but me contributing too. It would be unfair for him to produce and me not to really in that sense. Most of the articles I plan to write are automotive/motorsport engineering based and will be quite technical in depth.

I have a lot of other plans in store this week for Ferrari Fans… mainly rewriting some of the content on site. A few days ago I updated the rank set to the one you see below. I think they look a lot easier on the eye and more attractive.




This week will consist of work… more work, driving to and from work. Relaxation and the odd spot of work on Ferrari Fans. All sounds pretty good to me but I am sure the plans will change over the course of the week.

I plan to keep updating this often just been busy over the last few days. Till next time.. cya πŸ™‚

Week of smart work on Ferrari Fans

I finally got round to doing some things that really needed attention at Ferrari Fans. Upgrading vBulletin and other parts of the site.

We now will have unique articles on site. Thanks superkimi πŸ™‚

A working group has been started to identify the needs and aims as well as various other bits we need to succeed. A report is being drawn up the comments of those members.

All in all it’s been a week of significant progression for Ferrari Fans. We have plenty more in the works. If you are a Ferrari Fan why not pay us a visit? πŸ™‚