Banking sorted… concentrating on the important things!

I’ve finally switched banks. Something I should have done years ago. Bye Abbey!

Now I have finally started concentrating on the important things and looking forward to beginning my second year at uni. This week I’ve done a far amount on Ferrari Fans but I still have not got round to writing some articles up which I plan to do shortly. I really want to get some more written up because I don’t feel it should just be superkimi writing them all but me contributing too. It would be unfair for him to produce and me not to really in that sense. Most of the articles I plan to write are automotive/motorsport engineering based and will be quite technical in depth.

I have a lot of other plans in store this week for Ferrari Fans… mainly rewriting some of the content on site. A few days ago I updated the rank set to the one you see below. I think they look a lot easier on the eye and more attractive.




This week will consist of work… more work, driving to and from work. Relaxation and the odd spot of work on Ferrari Fans. All sounds pretty good to me but I am sure the plans will change over the course of the week.

I plan to keep updating this often just been busy over the last few days. Till next time.. cya 🙂

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