Death of Jules Bianchi

The death of Jules Bianchi came as a major shock to me.
He had been someone I had followed through the lower categories and right up to Formula one.

He died after 9 months in Hospital after his accident in Suzuka, Japan. I don’t want to remember the grand prix really or add any opinions into the accident. I just want to say rest in peace in Jules and what a top driver you were. Your friends and family have lost someone so dear, we have lost a future grand prix winner and Formula 1 champion.

Jules Bianchi's Funeral

Jules Bianchi’s Funeral

One thing I do hope comes from this is that people will stop forever stating that F1 is not dangerous enough. There have been many comments like this in the past few years from both drivers and fans. Which I have always thought as being throughly ridiculous.

I purchased the autosport last week. It was dedicated to Jules. His rise through the ranks of karting, GP2 to Formula 1.

Autosport on the death of Jules

Autosport on the death of Jules

Today, Jules would have been 26. How tragic that is 🙁

F12010 the game

Months back I started looking at the next F1 game. As some of you know I’m a big fan of F1 and F1 games. F106 was a big step forward over F105. I still consider F197 in terms of gameplay and everything you could do as a driver to be the best game released. It will be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

F12010 looks like it will walk all over that. Let’s look at the features:

F12010 will have “the most complicated weather system ever seen in a racing game” this has me veryy happy 🙂

From wikipedia and following the codemasters forum.

(Screenshot taken from development build but still looks amazing!)

When rain starts to fall, the track will gradually lose grip, with some areas losing grip faster than others. “Overhanging trees, for example, will shelter the track, while dips and indentations in the tarmac will hold more standing water and provide a greater risk.”

To me that sounds just amazing! F1 games so often mucked up when it rained. F106 for example. The cars just became undriveable to anyone. You had to run insane amounts of front wing to keep the car on track or take corners extremely slowly. Whilst the rest of the field would be tenths to seconds quicker then you. The track never had differing levels of grip too 😛

When the rain stops, a “drying line” will start to appear which will provide more grip which will make it easier to drive. If car goes off the dry line, the tires will lose grip and it will be harder to drive. Evolving track will also be featured elsewhere in the game; at the start of a race weekend, the track will be “green” and therefore have less grip, but as the weekend progresses, rubber will be laid down onto the track increasing the grip.

A drying line has never been seen in any F1 game I owned. This will be amazing making it much more realistic. A evolving track is something I longed for (F106 had evolving tyres to a extent) but having a green track at the beginning of the weekend and then evolving to a faster track by the end will be great. I
presume when it rains the track will lose all rubber laid down too.

The game will feature a career mode consisting of either 3, 5 or 7 seasons (it is up to you). Where players can drive for any team, each having their own objectives – “For example, race for Ferrari and anything other than winning the Driver’s and Constructor’s Championship would be a failure, while a mere points finish when driving for Lotus would be a huge success.” Media interest will also differ depending on whether the player is racing for one of the top teams, or a team at the back of the grid. Impromptu interviews will take place alongside the official interviews following each race.

The fact I can now do 7 seasons without being dropped by my team at the end of 5 (no matter how many championships I won in F106) is much better. I want to go through what its like to be a real driver. I would expect goals such as winning the championship in a Ferrari to exist. The media aspect is a new thing. The fact we can manage our lives with the media is going to be interesting.

Research will also feature in F1 2010. Consistently out-race their teammate, and the player will receive new parts, updates and upgrades as they’re developed. Their team will develop new parts or updates for their car throughout the season, evolving the car as the season goes on.

Imma make sure I out race my teammates 8)
This and the eight engines per season rule being implemented will make it very interesting. Meaning you have to look after your engines. Turn them down at various points in the weekend to make them last or you risk taking grid penalties towards the end of the season!!

There will be no safety car or formation lap and races will never be red-flagged, but all the other flags will be included.

Safety car, formation lap and no red flags are no biggie for 2010. Maybe it can work its way to 2011 perhaps? I’ve included some screenies for you all to see!

It’s gonna take me a few testing laps to get used to!

I’m going to buy it as soon as it comes out. However I won’t pre-order in case the release is set back. Tbh, I can’t wait till it’s out. I don’t have a PS3 so will get the xbox 360 version. I just hope it handles well on the xbox 360 as I have never played a F1 game on the console. Here is to hoping it’s good!! 🙂

F1 – Canadian Grand Prix!

Well! What a race

Monaco was a bit boring for once but Canada sure made up for that!!

What a enjoyable race. I can’t cover every point but poor Heikki Kovalainen got a engine penalty for having his engine replaced. His engine blew in practice and he smashed up in qualifying yet he still managed a respectable time. The Renault mechanics did a good job to get him out for the qualifying session with less then ten minutes remaining! That was a speedy repair.

Heikki Qualifying Crash
Image courtesy of

He ended up 22nd on the grid after his penalty. Dead last. David Coulthard also had a appalling qualifying session going off the road several times. Lewis managed his first pole though! Well done 🙂

The race got underway Alonso made a stuff up of the first corner and so did Räikkönen. Massa moved ahead (Unfortunately Räikkönen continues to put in disappointing performances at Scuderia Ferrari).

Not long into the race Adrian Sutil crashes his Spyker into the wall bringing out the first of 4 safety cars!

Unfortunately Robert Kubica had a big smash. Causing what we thought at first was a broken leg but what we now know is a sprained ankle and bruising. It was a huge impact. Somewhere in the region of 170mph. You can view the video here. It’s a testimony to the strength of modern F1 cars that he got out alive. However F1 cars are never 100% safe. The HANS (Head and Neck Safety device) probably saved him from considerable injury too.

Hans Safety Device
HANS Safety Device

After all the drama… Lewis made it through to win the race! It was a truly great victory. Much like one of Schumacher’s drives. He made it through all the action and safety cars to win.

It was a truly great race! I look forward to Indianapolis next week 🙂