F1 – Canadian Grand Prix!

Well! What a race

Monaco was a bit boring for once but Canada sure made up for that!!

What a enjoyable race. I can’t cover every point but poor Heikki Kovalainen got a engine penalty for having his engine replaced. His engine blew in practice and he smashed up in qualifying yet he still managed a respectable time. The Renault mechanics did a good job to get him out for the qualifying session with less then ten minutes remaining! That was a speedy repair.

Heikki Qualifying Crash
Image courtesy of gpupdate.net

He ended up 22nd on the grid after his penalty. Dead last. David Coulthard also had a appalling qualifying session going off the road several times. Lewis managed his first pole though! Well done 🙂

The race got underway Alonso made a stuff up of the first corner and so did Räikkönen. Massa moved ahead (Unfortunately Räikkönen continues to put in disappointing performances at Scuderia Ferrari).

Not long into the race Adrian Sutil crashes his Spyker into the wall bringing out the first of 4 safety cars!

Unfortunately Robert Kubica had a big smash. Causing what we thought at first was a broken leg but what we now know is a sprained ankle and bruising. It was a huge impact. Somewhere in the region of 170mph. You can view the video here. It’s a testimony to the strength of modern F1 cars that he got out alive. However F1 cars are never 100% safe. The HANS (Head and Neck Safety device) probably saved him from considerable injury too.

Hans Safety Device
HANS Safety Device

After all the drama… Lewis made it through to win the race! It was a truly great victory. Much like one of Schumacher’s drives. He made it through all the action and safety cars to win.

It was a truly great race! I look forward to Indianapolis next week 🙂

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