TMA 7 of DD101 gone.. and some new updates!

Politics and Philosophy books

Well, I just hurriedly sent off my last assignment for DD101 my first open university module. Happy to get it out the way. Feels like I just sent a heap of junk in though!

I went to a Language taster evening at the open university’s centre in Camden on Wednesday. I actually surprised myself with how much French I actually remembered!! Anyway the real eye catcher was the lovely girl opposite me and we kept stealing glances. She spoke perfect French as her grandmother was French. Very attractive!

I’m now fully registered up for A222 and officially started my next module exploring philosophy. I’m holding off on doing two modules as I really don’t want to overload myself especially as philosophy requires a clear mind!

I love Camden town and there are always so many things going on and pretty ladies.
The atmosphere and vibe is amazing, when I’m not sprinting to uni! I need to spend more time there πŸ˜€

I plan on joining the gym on payday too and actually going. So lookout for a fitter mixedmatt! Also in the not to distant future I hope to get my feet back into a go-kart again… When I have the time and funds. Hope all my faithful readers are fine…

Love you all πŸ™‚

Reading Chapter 7 (Governing problems) then Western Philosophy

Western Philosophy - An Anthology

I’m reading Western Philosophy – By John Cottingham

I’m now back on track on week 27 of my course. Reading chapter 7 out of my module materials (Governing problems). I’m going to do everything I can to keep up and not fall behind till the end πŸ™‚

I’ve started reading the Western Philosophy book I ordered from Amazon. It’s really thick and seems like it will require heaps of concentration. I’m going to read some of it later I hope. I really can’t afford to fall behind with two modules, with one it’s really tricky catching up let alone two! I really like some of the quotes though. Really want to read it more but need to find some time.

I bought a new watch and it arrived last week. Had to have a few links removed at G.Mantella in Enfield Town. It’s real shiny though. Might take a piccy πŸ˜‰

Last week I downloaded John Lennon’s Discography. Mainly just because I wanted to hear imagine because it sounded amazing at the closing ceremony. I’ve developed a new enthusiasm for his music. It was already there (a friend in Argentina shes a big fan) but I didn’t take that much notice.

Anyway, I look forward to getting week 27 out the way so I can move on with closing out my module and I need to stay ahead or with the weeks at least πŸ˜›

Nearly finished with my first module

Yup, that’s right. I’m getting closer. Been writing up TMA 6 scared it’s waffle though! I’m desperate to reach my own targets which I set myself each time for the next TMA πŸ™‚

I’ve been amazed by the Olympics. The opening ceremony, the events and just how amazingly well team GB has been doing! Its hard to concentrate on anything else. It’s hard to keep up with blogging too.

I’m ready to start two new modules over the next two months DD203 power, dissent, equality and protest and AA303 Exploring Philosophy. Ive ordered a book on western philosophy from Amazon that’s recommended for the course. Its taken two days to dispatch must be the new policy with their free delivery. In the past the free delivery rivalled first class! :p

Can’t wait to see the modules go. It will be sooooo hard fitting the time in. I struggle now and I’m lazy. Let alone with two level 2 modules. I’ll post a photo when I get my book and read the intro. Maybe you’ll see it on my instragrams.

I’ve wrote this using my iPhone WordPress app so apologies for any typos πŸ™‚

Take care readers. Enjoy the Olympics the soon to be Paralympics and/or whatever else your doing!