Working Sunday

I’ve got back from work after a 12pm – 10pm shift. For those of you not familiar with my job it consists of serving you drinks, taking your food out and you always being right. Yes, The “guest” always being right. It’s been a fairly busy day. It’s probably me maturing but I am seeing a lot more attractive ladies around at work 😉

Nothing much to report. Except that I have a lot to do. I plan to launch Apple Elf by the end of August despite a few setbacks and will keep this updated. I’ve received some infraction points at digitalpoint forums for what seems like nothing again. I remember seeing a thread where the title was you can have a ban too. Clearly some people love mod control or have huuuuge ego problems.

The debate on the unlimited webhosting debate saga continues this time at forums but you always get people supporting these types of hosting plans there. At least there are a few voices of common sense left in both the industry and on that particular forum.

That’s it!.. Till next time sleep well and don’t have nightmares 😉

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