Apple Elf Update

Another update on the progress of Apple Elf.


In regards to launch. Somewhere around the end of August we expect our services to be available to the public. We will only open up when we are 100% ready and everything works as it should. Speaking of the design we expect to have the designer starting in just over a weeks time as scheduled. A lot of things are planned including a logo update. The current logo was more of a prototype when I thought of the initial idea. Now it’s almost all together we are just awaiting on the design front and a few software licensing considerations.

Service wise we plan to launch a service that will be discounted to our clients and available at full rate to people who don’t have our hosting. It’s a monthly charge and we hope our clients will find it useful. I really would love to spill the beans on this as I think it’s amazing! 🙂

Apple Elf has been designed to make owning your own piece of the web easier. Through using powerful web tools we can help you achieve this goal and hopefully you will be impressed with the results.

My next update will be the design preview and a few other bits and pieces.

If you want to be emailed when we launch send a email to admin[at]appleelf[dot]com

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