A day to be happy about in many ways…

Today, I finally pre-ordered F12010 for xbox 360 from shopto.co.uk for £31.85 (including free delivery) quite a deal I must say. I couldn’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

The MonkeyPC has a few new clients on board and our business bank account has been finally set up.

A tweet really hit me today and made me remember life is about more then just money. This lady is amazing. I’ve always thought of doing humanitarian work at some point and her tweet really inspire me to go ahead and just do it. It’s late so I can’t make this as long as I want to unfortunately 🙁

I will make a post on here that’s a bit more meaty soon! I promise 🙂

Danicar, If your reading this. I think it’s pretty amazing what you do and I’ve read your post. I’m happy because someone like you has reminded me that some things are more important then others. You are a inspiration to many.

Peace & Goodnight

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