Too many bank holidays!

As the title says… last year I wouldn’t really have cared much but when your running a business. Trying to find out if you got a job and having to wait for bank accounts to be updated! Everything just slows to a absolute crawl too. Ah well, nice for people who get to have time of work.

Hope Prince William and Kate Middleton (Princess Kate?) have a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Anyway, after all the bank holidays the are down I plan on renaming my company name to make it more “pitch able”. The MonkeyPC will still go ahead as a unchanged entity. Just behind the scenes the legal company name will change 🙂

Some things will be removed from The MonkeyPC and switched to the more corporate brand though. The MonkeyPC was intended to be ideal for individuals rather then large business. Apart from that nothing will change. If all is good. I should get a cash injection within 2 months at best. We will have a official mascot designed for The MonkeyPC and our new brand launched!

*Change topic* 😛

I really want to finish reading my Alexander Pushkin novels. Queen of Spades is next I think.
To conclude… I really will try harder to update this more regularly (I know I say it every time! :D)

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