TV and it’s role in informing us

Many times people fuss over story lines in soaps and TV shows. Criticizing them, calling them too outlandish and unsuitable for screening. The Eastender’s baby swapping scandal, Waterloo road’s recent transgender episode being the two most memorable.

I happen to think many of these shows do actually serve a role in society. Nobody can deny how powerful TV is on changing minds, maybe even more so then the internet. So, having these issues brought out makes the public aware of them. How to confront them so they are not hidden away and left to fester. The transgender episode of Waterloo road (school television drama) stood out the most in my opinion. It touched on many issues I’d imagine a person who feels trapped in the wrong body would be going through.

Having initially thought he was just a sex mad teen. Chris Mead, The deputy headteacher caught the boy looking at underwear magazines and in the girls changing rooms. In the end the deputy headteacher learned that not everyone is the same. By bringing this to the screens (if done right) this educates society = that has to be a good thing? 🙂

Anyway.. hope the other episodes of Waterloo road continue with the storyline and don’t mess with it too much. Got another blog post coming soon (not on this subject) so stay tuned 😉

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