Got a car!! Woohoo!!

I have a car finally. I’ve not been able to post much due to lots of things going on with it (Good and bad). Anyway I’m now a proud owner of a Renault Clio 2.

I had a few problems with it after purchase due to me not getting it checked properly however it’s repaired now. The car was low priced but the repairs that needed doing ended up bringing it up to £500.

Soon after purchase I had the car serviced and the gearbox oil topped up. Problems were immediately brought up. The problems were that the two front suspension coils, wheel cylinder, CV boot and spare tyre being perished amongst other small things. They are all fixed now. However I still have issues when starting (someone informed me it may be the TDC sensor!) and I do need 3 new tyres.

Apart from that all is gravy 🙂

I’ve been so busy so not really had time to post. Busy with work. Busy with the business and stuff. I’ve renamed the company to Novenet and we have a semi-pro logo created by yours truly! We will have a professional logo and site coming online soon though. I will talk about that all in another post.

Anyway just wish me luck with my motor readers!! Hopefully I get a year outta it at least 🙂

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