Season over.. No more racinggg! :(

Sorry I been slow to post here. I’ve got up to speed with my new university module and got my books sent! The focus of this post will be about my final lotus cup championship race at rye house on September 28th.

I'm Kart 12! Story of my season!

I’m Kart 12! Impossible to pass there!

So, Round 6 ended with my best performance of the season.

I started 16th and finished 12th. I was determined to have a good race and come through. I pulled off some really good overtaking moves and enjoyed battling with a few other drivers!
I managed to pick up a caution for banging into someone (not intentional!) but it was eventful.

By race end I had caught 11th and 10th place drivers. It’s a shame we ran out of time as I felt I had the pace to attack and pass them. Nevermind, it was just a great 55 laps on the edge… soo amazing. I have a few pictures I am intending on purchasing from the photographer. I will leave you with a few samples for now..

Click here for the race results.

I intend on racing in the Lotus cup next season. Lot’s of preparation time ahead. I hope to be fitter for next season too. Looking forward to it! Take care..

Concentrating intensely! Story of my season!

Concentrating intensely!

Into the corner we go.. Story of my season!

Into the corner we go..

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