Assignments complete! Mixedmatt is back online.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

It was my Birthday on 7th December!

All my assignments for DD209 – Running the Economy are now complete and I’m back. I neglected the blog because I simply had too much to do. To think this run up to Christmas I was only studying part-time. After Christmas I will begin preparations to start DD203! My politics module meaning I will be running two side by side. I can’t guarantee I’ll be posting much at all 🙁

Anyway to other news before I return to this. On Saturday 7th December I turned 25!! Yup, I’m officially old. Please gimme some cake and congrats below 🙂
I don’t feel old. I’m hoping to give myself a birthday pressie next month before I start DD203. Maybe go to Paris. I love a Eurostar journey.

I’m looking forward to next year. I am to take go-karting more serious (if I have the time), that means getting fitter physically and mentally.

Back to university. I’ve enjoyed the first run of this new module few gripes here and there. Apart from that I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve found out a lot about fiscal and monetary policy. How the different policy options such as government spending, reduction in tax rates, increases in interest rates, and quantitative easing work. I understand how the 2008 financial crisis began and why certain people didn’t see it coming. So, Don’t let the government tell you the last government left them with a huge deficit!! There was a global crisis. I understand unemployment and GDP a lot more. I also understand what Keynes was in favour for in terms of Economic policy for the UK. I can understand more articles in the economist and much more! So, I’m very happy.

Have a Merry Crimbo.

Till next time 🙂

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