Full time student now & good result for TMA 2 DD209!


One of my TMA 2 hand drawn diagrams for DD209 – Running the Economy. Output and demand increase!

Happy new year readers! Hope you had a fattening Christmas and great new year. I’ve only got round to writing this now as I have been extremely busy 🙁 .

First I feel I need to explain why my posts may be fewer this year. I am now a full time university student again with the open university and one module in particular. DD209 – Running the Economy is particularly taxing being so technical, it’s consuming my time. I’m about to start DD203 – Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics this week!! My free time will be limited this year.

Anyway, so far so good with my Economics module. I made a reasonable start but really excelled in the recent TMA before Christmas. Achieving 80% which was a surprise to say the least. It was all about the situation facing the UK in spring 2013 economically. Quite interesting 😛 .

I need to crack on with DD209 – TMA 03 now which poses a even bigger challenge it seems. More diagram drawing. A collaboration exercise and an extract. The workload for this module doesn’t feel like a level 2 it feels more level 3 to be honest. ICMA 42 (Online Assessment) is also due in on the same day as the TMA! I love DD209 but it’s so time consuming. What I have seen of DD203 so far looks the opposite.

My DSA equipment request made by my assessor was approved and I received a printer/scanner, Dictaphone, Claroread plus, and a book stand amongst other things all without charge!! Very happy.

2014-01-15 13.12.05My DSA goodies :)

I want to get out and go gym and run. I want to be fit for when the go-karting season comes round but I have such little time it’s irritating me to the max. I need to try and eat healthy!

On another note, just guess how long this blog has been running??? Seven years this February!! Amazing. I never intended to start this and have it up and running forever! Till next time peace and if I’m not back before Valentines day. Enjoy the day haha 😛

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